There is a middle finger in the face of contemporary main stream hip hop and his name is Tabs. Coming up in the golden era of the early 1990's, Tabs was schooled by the true veterans of the game which allowed him to not only hone and eventually master his craft, but a also cultivate an unparalleled love and reverence for his art form. Spawned from a mixture of cypher magic and sewer water, Tabs' style is equal parts gritty boom-bap era ruggedness and elite level lyricism which hallmarked the styles of the late 90's and early 2000's. Tabs' name is revered in even the most elite circles of emcees and hip hop enthusiasts alike. His enigmatic status makes him more comparable to big foot than a garden variety rapper, but unfortunately for most other emcees, he is anything but an urban legend. In short, Tabs is the constant reminder that there are monsters out there, ultimately serving as a cautionary tale to other emcees, bidding them to be leery of which cypher they step in, for it may be their last

Recent Videos

Bar None

In order to push the bar, Tabs utilizes all of his various flows, wordplay and witty punch line ability over the backdrop of silence. Treatment by Larro, shot by Coal, if youre gonna watch one "Taboo" video, this is the one!

Cypher Circuit Launch Cypher

This is it. What you have all been waiting for. This is the official Marsten House Cypher Circuit launch cypher! Not only does it feature a dope original beat provided by non other than Level 13, it also features artists from literally all over the countr


Tabs murdering a 64 bar "freestyle" over a Marco Polo beat which originally appeared on Pharoahe Monch's album "PTSD". Larro's treatment gives visual aid to Tabs' revolutionary spirit and lyricism.

Norman Bates

Tabs sets off this explosive line up of elite MC's. The track, which appears on Diabolic's sophomore album "Fightin Words" also features Locksmith, Nino Bless, Apathy and Coal Cash over banging Level 13 production.